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How would you like to read my books for free? You can! I will send you a complimentary ebook of your choice to your email in exchange for an honest review of one of my books on Amazon.

The free book is sent as a THANK YOU for the review. You are under no obligation to review your free book, nor am I trying to bribe you for a good review. Even 1-star reviews (as long as they're honest) are eligible.

You don't have to have bought the book on Amazon to review a book (you just have to have read it). If you will leave an honest review one of my books (even if it's It Came From the Lunchbox which you can receive for free when you join my newsletter already!) and provide the URL link to that review, I will send you a copy of another one of my books absolutely free! You can then read and review that book, and use this form AGAIN to get another book. You can't get a better deal than that!

Reviews on Amazon help independent publishers and authors tremendously. Each review increases the amount Amazon will show and promote the book to potential readers, and reviews help other readers make purchasing decisions.

You don't have to leave a long detailed review. One sentence describing what you liked about the book is sufficient. It will help me tremendously, and you will have my sincerest thanks!

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